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Mark Gillham

Reviews of previous performances;



Published Tuesday 30 December 2008 at 13:10 by Catherine Usher (THE STAGE)

Mark Gillham as the young Scrooge is particularly impressive, commanding the audience’s attention and equally convincing as the youthful romantic, slowly morphing into the selfish, miserly cynic.



Published Monday 7 December 2009 at 12:55 by Catherine Usher (THE STAGE)

Just as he was in last year’s Christmas Carol, Mark Gillham again verges on being under-utilised, this time as the charismatic Dodger. Every scene he appears in, he artfully shifts all the focus on to himself as easily as he relieves unsuspecting individuals of their wallets.


By Andrzej LukowskiPosted: Mon Dec 21 2009 (TIME OUT)

Even Edward Kingham's dirty, demonic Fagin simmers down before too long (admittedly after seemingly being on the verge of molesting our young hero for several scenes). Indeed, if Sam Nicoll's thuggish Bill Sikes is a given, then only Mark Gillham's twitchingly weird Artful Dodger really feels particularly daring.


Review of ZIP: Gun & Knife Crime by Maddy Ryle for remotegoat on 16/08/10


Mark Gilham's ability to get inside the deeply troubled - and very young - Tru Blond was seriously impressive.