How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – A healthy lifestyle should not be a trend that needs to be followed, but become self-awareness from the start to get a healthy body between physically and mentally in the long term.

If many people choose to change to adopt a healthy lifestyle because only see celebrities who look good with their healthy lifestyle, chances are we can turn that thought into a choice to love ourselves.

It’s not just a mere follow-up if we’re bored, because that’s the end of a healthy lifestyle that has been applied.

Through Unsplash To be more familiar with a healthy lifestyle and become trained to do it, it seems impossible if we can make it happen with last night alone.

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, you need to create a regular agenda that contains a series of simple things that you can try to implement from now on, such as many of the things below:

  1. Trick Adding Vegetables and Fruits in Food Every Day When we decide to live a healthy life, we generally concentrate more on reducing and avoiding foods that are considered to be detrimental to our health, such as junk food, meat, and carbohydrates. 

In fact, there is something more important to do, which is to train yourself to increase the consumption of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs through vegetables and fruits. Well, to be trained in consuming vegetables and fruit, you can start by making a smoothie or adding spinach to a boiled egg as a breakfast menu.

You don’t always have to follow a smoothie recipe that you get from the internet, you can also combine vegetables and fruit that you like to be the main ingredients of your favorite smoothie. You should also think about the snack menu, such as peanuts and apples that are durable and easy to carry anywhere. You have to provide healthy snacks, so that when a sudden hunger comes, you have supplies.

It doesn’t stop there, you need to add to your lunch and dinner menu with vegetables and their products that are easily available from tempeh, spinach, cucumber, or tomatoes. Slowly but surely, the longer your body will be able to adjust and start craving fresh vegetables and fruit. food consumption every day. 

You don’t need to be in a hurry to love vegetables and fruit. Because as in love, let the comfort of eating vegetables and fruit grow by itself, either because they are trained or because they already know the benefits they contain.

  1. Do Yourself Reading Brands on Product Packages If you have very little time to prepare or cook your own food, chances are you often buy processed food products that are easily available at the nearest minimarket. 

This is okay for you to do if you still maintain the healthy eating plan that you have built and don’t often consume processed foods. If you really have to, make sure to read the food content listed on the processed food package that catches your attention. 

Make sure the food you choose does not contain a lot of additives, for example: preservatives, dyes, flavorings, or other chemicals that can interfere with your health. Then, you need to diligently find out about the other ingredients found in your food products to understand the benefits and effects that will be obtained if you consume them. 

This initial awareness is important for you to do so that you do not fall into the consumption of foods that can damage your health in the long term.

  1. Doing Good Deeds to Yourself by Taking Care of Mental Health Of course, it is not only physical health that we need to take care of, but mental health which is closely related to inner enjoyment and peace of mind that needs to be prioritized. 

Because psychological health is as important as physical health which can make your body feel calmer, easier, and enthusiastic about whatever activities you want.

Healthy food for a healthy body

Through Unsplash, healthy eating plans can be done cheaply and easily, you know, and you can find healthy food at warteg! How come? Here’s the explanation!

  1. Choose Fresh Vegetables as an Important Side dish. The high fiber contained in vegetables is definitely very good for your digestive health, for example: vegetable soup, spinach, and vegetable tamarind which have vitamins, iron, and mineral nutrients that can support a healthy lifestyle your healthy. In addition, vegetables with clear soup can help make bowel movements smooth.
  1. Eating fish as an alternative to meat Susi Pudjiastuti as our Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries often recommends that we often eat fish. 

In addition to being rich in protein, fish has many benefits, such as increasing brain and bone development, preventing heart disease, and reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s and stress. 

You can choose fried fish or vegetable fish with soup in your favorite warteg as an alternative to meat. But if you want to cook it yourself at home, choose the grilled fish menu, because it doesn’t require a lot of oil when processing it.

  1. Just Drink Hot Fresh Tea or Mineral Water Not only cheap, the two types of drinks without sugar such as warm plain tea and mineral water actually have very good benefits for the body, you know. 

Hot plain tea has a role to normalize blood sugar levels, healthy the heart, equalize emotions and make the body more relaxed, and reduce the effects of colds and fever. Likewise with mineral water that has benefits, such as preventing the body from kidney stone disease, reducing fatigue, facilitating digestion, removing toxins, and maintaining body weight. Good news for those of you who want to live frugally, right?

  1. Tired of Fresh Drinks, You Can Change to Fruit Juice Without Sugar Like vegetables, fruit has a high fiber content and nutrients that the body needs. Well, you can order a glass of fresh fruit juice without sugar as an alternative to plain drinks. You can also mix various kinds of fruit with fresh vegetables if you want to make your own at home.

Through Unsplash Not only healthy, a balanced life scheme must also be seen by avoiding many of the following things:

  1. So Busy yourself Choose Healthy Food Healthy living doesn’t mean you have to spend time cooking your own food during your busy time.

You also don’t have to constantly pay attention to the food content listed on the food product brand, so you spend a lot of your time just looking for it every day.

Because maintaining a healthy lifestyle must also be accompanied by feelings of love and away from the effects of depression which will only burden your mind. Everything requires a process. Do every step to achieve a healthy lifestyle periodically until it becomes a routine, so that whatever you do feels natural and without pressure.

  1. Obsessed with Sports Obsessed with a healthy lifestyle often makes us feel like we have to exercise every day, so we think about continuing to exercise and underestimate fatigue.

The body needs to be exercised, but we must also understand how strong our body can bear the physical activity. Sometimes you can also change your morning run by taking a walk with your pet for example. Or, practice more walking and climbing stairs when you don’t have time to exercise.

  1. Feeling Guilty when Eating One thing There is nothing wrong if sometimes you want to eat the food you want. Don’t make yourself feel guilty for consuming something that you think is not good for your health. If not often, foods that are considered unhealthy can make you feel pleasure.

A healthy lifestyle will happen by itself if you regularly implement it into your activities every day.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to leave your old activities which are actually useful for maintaining the balance of your mental and physical health.

However, you need to separate out which activities are actually useful and manage the things that are not good. Because, we need self-pleasure to have a balanced life scheme for a long period of time.

So much information that I can convey to you may be useful and see you again.