Health is Expensive – This simple sentence shows how to restore health because illness can cost a lot of money. Especially if you are dealing with diseases such as heart disease, stroke, or diabetes that require special treatment and expensive drugs. Before this problem occurs, it never hurts to make preparations in the financial sector, such as the following ways.

Recognizing Disease

Not a few who raw swallow information about the disease that is being suffered. Be the person who best understands your own health condition. The doctor’s role is only limited to examining, detecting disease, and then providing a treatment plan.

In order not to make the wrong decisions, especially those involving large funds, don’t hesitate to ask questions, for example, regarding the drugs or medication needed. This can not only save money but also speed up recovery due to proper handling.

Choose the Right Health Insurance

Buying insurance to reduce the cost of the coronation is still rarely done in the community. Indeed, initially having health insurance or critical illness insurance is quite a burden on your monthly finances, but it is quite comparable to what you get if later the risk of developing a critical illness hits you. The more benefits offered in insurance, the more expensive the premium rate that must be paid.

Make Special Savings

Not only protecting health by having health insurance or critical illness insurance, there is nothing wrong with having special savings. This is just in case if there is an unexpected treatment action or it is not covered by the insurance you have. Save part of the salary you get every month in a savings account that is opened specifically for emergencies and requires cash in a short time.

Take advantage of the benefits of the office

Every office has an obligation to register its employees with BPJS Employment. There are also those who provide facilities to employees in the form of additional insurance so that the health protection provided is more optimal.

There are many ways to use it to maintain health, from consulting with doctors, health checks, to outpatient care. Usually using a reimbursement system, you should take advantage of the facilities provided by the office to save personal finances.

Save Expense

In order to be able to pay insurance premiums or deposit sufficient funds for special savings, start saving on your expenses, especially those that contribute to triggering health problems. Reduce buying junk food or eating at restaurants, consuming trendy sweet drinks, to save money on TV subscriptions and use them for gym expenses.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Own Health

Don’t wait until you have a serious illness that makes you suffer financially. Do the best possible prevention and preparation to anticipate the worst that could happen in the future.

It can happen once every year. Imagine if the increase continues to rise, of course it will be troublesome for patients who do not have enough money. Therefore, maintaining health and changing a healthy lifestyle is a solution to avoid disease. Here’s the review.


Regular exercise is one way to maintain body stamina. Not only that, the body will always be fresh when on the move. Try to do exercise 2 times a week. You can do jogging near your house or go to the gym.

Nutritious intake

Changing a healthy diet can be a reference for you to avoid disease. You just eat nutritious food, 4 healthy 5 perfect. Avoid oily food. healthy body and you avoid cholesterol.

Do not smoke

The content of cigarettes causes disease in the body. Starting from increasing the risk of heart disease, dangerous pregnancy, cancer, impotence. One more thing to know about the bad effects of smoking can damage the eyes. So from now on don’t smoke or avoid smoking.

self protection

After doing these things, in order to maximize your self-protection with health insurance. Healthy living with complete health protection can help you live a healthier and calmer life. Health insurance can give you peace and comfort when you are sick, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of treatment, just focus on how your body can return to health.

No need to worry about expensive health or illness, the important thing is that you are calm because you have health insurance.