The Role of Body Fitness for Health

The Role of Body Fitness for Health – In everyday life Physical Fitness can describe life a person harmoniously, passionately and creatively. In other words, a fit person is a person who is able to improve his work, has a healthy outlook, is bright in his life for the time being
this and for the future.

So physical fitness is an initial feature, a driving force and a source of strength to move physical development and growth in a better direction, so that other aspects can be achieved with hope.

Physical fitness is the body’s ability to perform daily tasks and work vigorously, without experiencing significant fatigue and with remaining energy reserves. He is still able to enjoy his free time and deal with unexpected emergencies.

Through various physical activities, both heavy and light work that is carried out regularly and systematically, it can be indicated that the heart progressively has more work power more than usual, before getting used to regular physical exercise, this is marked by the presence of strength a longer rhythm of movement than a number of muscles trained to maintain balance circulatory system, and respiratory system.

This characteristic is a part or aspect that is very important to achieve physical fitness, especially in terms of health and quality of life. A good VO2 max is an indication that a person’s physical fitness is good. The most element
Important in physical fitness is cardiorespiratory or cardiovascular endurance.

The Role of Body Fitness for Health

DurabilityThis cardio respiration is influenced by several physiological factors, including: 1). Heredity, it is known that: 93.4% VO2 max is determined by genetic factors; 2).Age, cardiorespiratory endurance increases with age children and then reaches its peak at the age of 18-20 years. Children who are still growing and developing (13 years old) when practicing will increase VO2 max 10-20% greater than those who are not trained; 3). Gender during puberty there is no difference between VO2 max between boys and females.

maximal aerobics varies greatly for each individual and improve with appropriate training
There are many ways that can be done to improve physical fitness. One of them by exercising regularly.

With good physical health, a person can weigh their physical abilities in carrying out their daily activities.

The higher a person’s level of physical fitness, the better his physical work ability.

The more often you exercise it makes a person less tired. With physical fitness training, endurance and muscle strength can be further increased.

That is why it is important to do physical fitness exercises frequently. However, there are several factors that can affect physical fitness.

What are these factors?

Here are some factors that can affect physical fitness, as quoted from the Yuksinau page.

  1. Age
    Age can affect almost all components of physical fitness. Each age level has a different level of physical fitness.

Physical fitness in children can increase until the age of 25-30 years. Then there will be a decrease in the functional capacity of all organs of the body about 0.81-1%.

However, with diligent exercise, the speed of decline can be slowed by half.

The influence of age also affects flexibility and body composition, this usually occurs due to the aging process caused by decreased muscle elasticity.

  1. Gender
    Usually the level of physical fitness of men is better than women because men do more activities.

At the age of puberty, the physical fitness of boys is almost the same as that of girls. However, after puberty, boys will have a higher level of physical fitness than women.

Differences usually occur in muscle strength, both men and women caused by differences in size or proportion in the body.

  1. Food
    A balanced nutritional intake is very influential on a person’s physical fitness. With balanced nutrition (50 percent carbohydrates, 12 percent protein, and 38 percent fat) there will be hope that the body is fulfilled in nutritional factors.

In addition to balanced nutrition, food is largely determined by the quality of the ingredients. That is, the food that is consumed as little as possible contains pollutants.

Food processing also affects the food consumed. For those who want to maintain and improve physical fitness, it is recommended to meet the needs of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats according to the standards of nutritionists.

  1. Sleep and Rest
    Sleep is useful for the body to rest because at that time the muscles are rebuilt after exercise. You can imagine how people who are sleep deprived usually feel weak, tired, lethargic.

So, adequate rest is an important factor and affects physical fitness.

  1. Heredity (Genetic)
    These hereditary factors affect the capacity of the heart, stomach, posture, blood cells, obesity, and upper fiber.

Genetic traits in a person will affect the body’s abilities such as speed, flexibility, balance, and so on.

Meanwhile, according to Bowers and Fox’s research, there are several elements that are influenced by heredity, including aerobic ability (VO2 max) by 93 percent, lactic acid system by 81 percent, and maximum heart rate by 86 percent.

  1. Cigarettes
    As a result of smoking, the body will suck CO2 levels which causes a decrease in the value of VO2 max. This of course affects the immune system.

When a person smokes 10 to 12 cigarettes a day, the hemoglobin will contain 4.9 percent CO. This can make the level of oxygen absorbed to the body tissues decrease by about 5%.

In addition, according to research, nicotine, perkins and sexton in cigarettes can reduce energy and appetite.

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